Why Choose an Independent Instructor?

  • small class size and individual attention
  • in depth discussion about and PRACTICE of natural comfort measures for labor
  • comfortable relaxed setting of my home or yours
  • flexibility to meet your scheduling needs
  • unbiased approach to birthing options
  • use of my personal "lending library" of books for the duration of your class series
  • telephone and email support for the reminder of your pregnancy

My Childbirth Philosophy

When choosing a childbirth preparation class you should keep in mind the goals that you have and your ideal birth. You should feel comfortable with your instructor and make sure that their philosophy is inline with your own. I am happy to meet with you or speak with you over the phone to get to know you and discuss your birth plans and goals.

It is my philosophy that every woman can and should have the birth that they want. Knowledge is power and I want women to feel EMPOWERED to trust that their bodies are strong and capable. I believe that a huge aspect of fear is lack of information or misinformation and I aim to alleviate your fears by providing you with evidenced based and practical information. I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding and have a depth of knowledge and experience on the subject with which to share with you. Women should feel supported in making their own choices without the fear of judgment. Sometimes circumstances change or you decide to go in a different direction when you are laboring and that is your decision, I will give you the tools necessary to make informed decisions. It is my goal that everyone that takes my class leaves with a sense of EMPOWERMENT and all the information necessary to have an amazing birth experience!
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is truly one of the most magical times you’ll experience in your life. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we could have ever previously imagined. Seeking knowledge and information is the most valuable first step in preparing yourself for the birth experience that you want.

About Me

I’m Jennifer wife to Tom and mother of three happy, healthy children. My son Parker was born in March of 2011, my daughter, Blake was born in March of 2013, and my son Brady was born in May of 2015. In my previous life (aka before I took on the job title of Mommy) I was a Registered Nurse. My nursing career included nearly all aspects of Women’s and Children’s care and spread throughout a variety of work environments. My experience includes pediatrics in the hospital, private practice and home health environments as well as NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in the hospital. Additionally, I have worked in postpartum and women’s surgery in the hospital. I hold an Associate of Applied Sciences in Health Science as well as an Associate of Science in Nursing. I am a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator. I have a passion for helping people and a desire to share my knowledge to help others achieve their goals!

I am naturally minded in almost all aspects of my daily life. I am the owner of Sugar Bear Skincare, an all natural line of skincare products. I have had two amazing unmedicated natural childbirths. I am what most would call an “attachment parent”.  I bedshared with my babies, breastfeed, cloth diaper, and babywear! I take my role as Mommy very seriously and know that the decisions that I make will impact my children for the rest of their lives. I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others and hope to help you have an amazing start to your parenting journey!


Empowered Birth

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