I have experienced two vastly different births. My own birth stories have guided my desire to share my knowledge and experience with other couples. In my classes we will discuss and dispel common birth myths, realistic expectations of labor and birth, methods to control pain and help labor progress naturally, as well as getting breastfeeding off to a good start and the basics of newborn care. We will also discuss common interventions (labor induction, breaking waters, fetal monitoring, etc.) and learn the benefits and risks of each. This is very important so that you will have all the information in order to truly make and informed decision if or when the time comes. In class I draw on my own experiences in addition to information from reputable sources such as The Bradley Method®. My classes place great emphasis on preparing your body for labor and birth, working with your body during labor, the importance of your labor support person, and methods, exercises, and positions for labor and birth.

My classes are fun and interactive. You will be engaged in learning all about pregnancy, labor, and birth. I advocate strongly for breastfeeding your new baby and will give you information, techniques, and resources to get your breastfeeding relationship off to a great start! I have nursed both of my children into toddlerhood. I know that breastfeeding your baby is the single most important decision that you can make for you and your baby!

Class Options:

  • Group Class- small group class held in my home.  For expecting parents or those with newborns
  • Private Class-held in the privacy of your home.  Can be scheduled during your pregnancy or after your baby is born as early as the day you arrive home from your birth location

Newborn Care Class

Class Covers:

  • Bathing (including cord and circumcision care)
  • Feeding (Breast and bottle) 
  • Diapering (cloth and disposable)
  • Normal newborn behavior
  • Selecting a pediatrician
  • Carseat safety
  • Babywearing basics (optional)
  • Group class is 2.5 hours, once a week for a series of 4 weeks. Typically class size is 4-7 couples. Classes are held in the relaxed environment of my home.  Occasionally, group classes are scheduled as a weekend intensive of 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. 
  • Private classes are available, and can be taught in your home. Due to the one on one nature of these classes they are taught in a series of 3 classes or 9 contact hours.
At the conclusion of this childbirth series you will have the knowledge and confidence to birth your baby naturally. My classes are designed to be educational, supportive, and encouraging to prospective parents. I use a variety of teaching methods in addition to discussion; including film review, games, demonstrations, and active practice. It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow to class each week. I recommend scheduling your class series to begin between your 28-30th week of pregnancy. This recommendation is based upon the belief that having the knowledge fresh in your mind is best when labor begins and also allows for plenty of time to finish the series in the unlikely event that you were to go into labor early.
  • proper nutrition and exercise
  • recognizing labor signs
  • stages of labor/warning signs of preterm labor
  • relaxation and pain relieving techniques
  • interventions
  • mechanics of childbirth
  • writing a birth plan
  • emergency birthing basics
  • breastfeeding and newborn care basics

Class options:

Class covers:

Natural Childbirth Classes

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You will soon be trusted to care for your new baby, some parents feel anxious about this new responsibility.  This class will set your mind at ease and give you the skills and knowledge necessary to care for your new baby.  I will  teach you all the basics of newborn care from bathing, feeding and diapering to carseat safety and normal newborn behavior. Additionally, I can teach you the basics of cloth diapering and babywearing if those topics are of interest to you. If you have not yet chosen a pediatrician for your baby I can give you information on how to select a great doctor for your baby. 

Empowered Birth